Hi Everyone! My name is Ashley Nelson Tawes and I am (what I call) a Portrait Photographer. I first became interested in Photography when I was about 10 years old. I would use my dad's camera and photograph the scenery of where I grew up in Somerset County,  Maryland. FUN FACT: I wanted to be a Photographer for National Geographic when I was younger! It wasnโ€™t until shortly after I graduated high school in 2010, that I started photographing humans.

While Photography is, in fact, a serious passion of mine, I am only able to do it part-time right now. I am always flexible to work with anyone who is willing to work with me. I will always make sure my clients are satisfied with the service I provide. I have had numerous opportunities photographing weddings & events, families, babies, high school seniors, boudoir, and many others. By having all of these different experiences, I have found that I love boudoir photography the most. There is something about it that is so glamorous, yet beautifully natural. I have always loved making people smile and feel good about themselves and I feel I can do this for other women through this skill I have learned. In addition, I put so much effort and time into planning my photo-shoots because I want to make sure my clients are happy with their photographs. I take so much pride into my photo-shoots because I want to be in love with the results as well.

I have managed to complete a couple Disney themed photo-shoots: Alice in Wonderland and Snow White. This is something different that I can offer Clients and they have the option to create their own story or recreate a traditional one. See the results in my Portfolio!

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